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Learn all about the latest digital dentistry solutions while enjoying a touristic tour of Egyptian ancient monuments and experiencing some of Egypt’s most phenomenal cultural sites.
Stackable Surgical Guides Course
Duration: 2 Days

Speakers: –

Dr. Sam Omar

Mr. Cristian Butnarasu

Course Content: –

Lectures: –

– 3 strategies for Implant positioning in full arch Cases.

– Direct Implant Level vs Abutment level Full arch immediate load.

– Managing and avoiding full arch Complications.

– Indications and planning of bone reduction.

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Digital Implantology Course
Duration: 3 Days

Speakers: –

Dr. Sam Omar

Course Content: –

Our Digital program in OneDay Academy will be a 3-Day hands on course that combines both the clinical and digital education. with emphasis on Digital Data Acquisition, implant Planning, guide design, digital prosthetics design, Guide design, prosthetics fabrication (finishing, polishing and Bonding) + hands on full arch immediate loading on Models.

  • The Aim is to get a true and full understanding of the digital planning software, understanding 3d coordinates, Editing and manipulation of 3d STL meshes, bone segmentation, implant prosthetics design, Prosthetics fabrication, 3d printing and finish R2 surgical guides.
  • All while enjoying a touristic experience of Egyptian history, culture, food and more

Software’s Participants Will Learn: –

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Intra Oral Scanning
Duration: 1 Day

Speakers: –

Dr. Sam Omar

Course Content: –

– introduction to intra-oral scanning technology.

– Scanner types and scan Acquisition technologies.

– Meshes vs Nurbs.

– Scan Accuracy vs precision.

– Scanners literature review.

– IOS workflow in full arch arch immediate load and final scans.

– continues scan strategy CSS for accurate full arch scans.

– Scan bodies types and composition.

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One To One implantology program
Duration: 1 or 2 Days

Speakers: –

Dr. Sam Omar

Course Content: –

Candidates will perform the following procedures on the patient:

– CBCT scan (participants will take the CBCT of the patient themselves).

– Intra Oral Scan (participants will take the IO Scan of the patient themselves).

– Case digital planning (participants will plan the case themselves on R2GATE software)

– guide design (participants will design the guide themselves on R2Ware software)

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