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Dental implants

Your First choice to replace missing single or multiple teeth

Dental implants are the best permanent replacement for missing or extracted teeth, they are an excellent alternative to partial and complete dentures. implants Allow you to utilize your full bite and enjoy the foods you love while giving you back your smile and confidence. In OneDaytm clinic your implant treatment is Digitally planned and your new teeth are Digitally designed, they are designed to look and feel natural. The translucency of our dental ceramics ensures that the dental prosthesis looks like a real tooth, showing no dark edges like in conventional crowns, and offers brilliant hardness and resilience to wear and tear.

In ONEDAY™ clinic we use 3D guided surgery software that lets you digitally preview your smile before the implant treatment begins, we then manufacture custom made 3D printed surgical templates that help us precisely place the implants in an ideal Alignment with the rest of your teeth in a minimally invasive and highly accurate procedure!

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